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Packaging and dispatch

Moving into tip #4, it’s time to think about a crucial part of the installation process: how to pack and dispatch.

We already know the importance of choosing the best day for your installation, the relevant information about the site location and how to deliver your graphics. Now to pack your graphics, we need to put you in our installers’ shoes.

Planning a graphic installation

Whilst you may package per ‘machine’, installation will take place based on the location within the project, so if it’s a large SAV wall, it’s best to roll into tubes, that are clearly labelled preferably with a hard copy of what’s inside on the tube. In order to perfect the packaging task, the key is to roll from the last panel in, therefore, the ‘first’ panel on the left-hand side will be the graphic on the outside of the roll. Roll with graphics facing outwards, not inwards as this can create tunnelling which the film will retain memory of on the wall. If installers have to unroll all elements before install, there is risk of damage to the prints as there often isn’t the space on site to lay everything out in a clean area before installing.

In window installations, it may take many graphic drops to create the overall artwork. If the panels aren’t numbered or referenced on a hard copy that matches the panel drop name, the installers need to go on an adventure of discovery to find the perfect match to create the overall picture. Whenever possible it always to number the panels so that the installers do not waste time on the site looking for which pieces fit the puzzle.

Planning a graphic installation

When dispatching graphics for multiple locations, always break the packages down by location so that these can be easily redistributed between installers without possible damage from sorting/repackaging. If there are 3 packages for 1 store, please mark 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 so it’s easy to identify if elements have been lost in freight.

If you’re sending interstate and the install is time critical, we recommend allowing 2 more days than your courier company estimates for delivery to allow for unforeseen dispatch issues. Far stranger things have happened! There’s no such thing as a guarantee with courier companies, the only guarantee seems to be if you need it there urgently, it gets delayed!

Planning a graphic installation

To ensure installers know that they have everything they need before going to the site, we recommend the following is noted on your package: Store/Site Name, Substrate, Size, Qty, Package # 1 of (?). A perfectly packaged job will also have a photocopy of the artwork on the outside.

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