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Where and who

And now for the 2nd step of planning your graphical installation, we are going to talk about the location and the contact responsible on site.

Now that we already know all the tips to choose the best time to do your installation, it’s time to think about the access requirements on site. Some locations are hard to find, especially when it comes to site constructions. For this reason, we always ask for as many details as possible in regard to save some time on site.

Planning a graphic installation Planning a graphic installation

Installers often come in van’s/utes of as such may need loading docks to avoid installers walking through busy streets with large graphics and their tools so all the additional information about the site may matter to us.

It’s also important to let us know if there are any special access requirements for this site. i.e. Registration with security etc. For some sites is possible to do the induction before the installation date. Some are electronic, some are in person, flexible and some are only allowed on a specific day/time each week.

Planning a graphic installation

We also ask for a site contact to support our installers team. It’s worth noting if this person is able to give directions to installers on site regarding placement, site expectations etc. If not specified, our rule is to always revert to the client who has booked the job for confirmation if directions on site differ from the written brief. This may cause delays on site waiting for answers.

Planning a graphic installation

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Gecko team.

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