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Collecting graphics

As part of our tips for planning an installation, we are now onto tip #3. In tip #1 we talked about the best date for your installation and on tip #2 the important information that we need about the site location. So moving onto #3, let’s talk about delivering your graphics.

Planning a graphic installation

Unless you have a trusted contact to receive graphics on site, we recommend sending graphics direct to installers instead of the stores/ locations. From our experience, this avoids graphics being misplaced or damaged on site, or time lost on site trying to locate graphics, because the POD lists a name that no-one has heard of.

Another important point to watch out for is the courier service. Almost all installs are scheduled based on the delivery of the graphics. Sometimes the courier service can be delayed, there are no guarantees to tracking unless the very premium straight line service is booked. Subsequently, installation date would need to be reschedule. This can turn into a big issue for us, but mostly for our clients because it can mean delaying the start of their campaigns.

Planning a graphic installation

If the logistics work, and it is cost efficient for you, we can collect the graphics from you. Just let us know when they will be ready for collection. Ideally this will be 24 hrs + before the install booking, but we know it is often down to the wire… So we are flexible!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Gecko team.

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