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The illuminated background of a lightbox enhances the features of your artwork and gives them a beautiful luminous result. It’s one of the best materials to work with, but also very tricky. There are a lot of fantastic lightbox manufacturers out there that do both fabric and traditional film or vinyl applications that are easy to change over. The tricky part is going to site without knowing what to expect.

Lightbox Installs

Gecko is fortunate to be involved in a lot of national retail rollouts and we tend to see things that the end client might not be aware of at the activation level… Specifically, if it’s a campaign graphic, it’s likely to require frequent changes – so whilst we have no problems sending our teams out to spend 5 hours moving shelving and pulling fixtures out before gaining access to an area in order to change a graphic, it may not be the very best way to keep the VM and Marketing budgets nice and tight.

We highly recommend a site inspection to avoid surprises when the installation day rolls around. It is a simple resource that can help you to understand the site and produce the best project considering the space. This site inspection could also help provide recommendations on a better system which could save money and avoid time onsite for future campaigns. For example, does it need to have acrylic removed to access face of graphic to enable a change over? If it’s a fabric lightbox, is that acrylic necessary or just adding labour and install hours to gain access to the graphic before the install of the new graphic.

If you or your shop fitters would like suggestions please contact us and we can point you in the right direction of quite a few options that will make ‘ongoing campaigns’ free of headaches.

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Whether you need a national rollout or a one off installation, GECKO will help put your business on the map.