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We know the enormous effort that goes into the design process and the print quality especially when we are talking about concept planning.

Too often clients are presented with brilliant concepts where the ‘practical’ side is put off until the project is won.

Unfortunately, by this time the client is hooked on the concept yet, the reality of achieving this may not be viable for their budget or the best practice for methodology or materials.

Concept Planning

What we always encourage with our partners and clients is to reach out early in the design phase and get touch with us at the beginning of the project. Doing this nearly always saves time and money and maximises the impact and value in the end result. Gecko’s team are able to analyse the viability of your project, even if it’s just an idea. Combining the practical side with creative side of the concept at the start is always the best option for a great end result.

Concept Planning

A quick email or phone call could prevent headaches and allow clients to see you and your ideas as both well thought out, credible and of course brilliant.

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