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The first aspect when looking at a graphic is the aesthetic. Colours, shape, lines and forms all contribute to the general presentation of the project. However, sometimes graphics need to provide a dual purpose. They need to look good but perform 2 functions simultaneously.

One of the most sought-after solutions within a project on top of aesthetics is acoustic insulation. Many offices, restaurants, cafes, stores and even residents choose to use acoustically insulated walls and furniture to equalize unnecessary noises and decrease the level of distraction within an environment.

Acoustic solutions

Acoustic panels are surfaces that absorb or buffer sound waves. They can be used in items of furniture, walls, ceilings or floors and usually they are made by felt, foam or sound absorbing fibre. Where it gets interesting is when they are cut to shape or printed to create an artistic feature as part of the holistic approach to a fit out. They become an integrated part of the solution rather than an after thought.

Acoustic solutions

There are a few types of insulations that you could add at your project like wall flaps/ panels, modular screens and acoustic ceiling wings. Today we are going to tell you a bit of our favourite; wall flaps, next time we will focus up on ceiling solutions.

Wall flaps

Our favourite solution is basically panels made of felt that can be used to insulate a space from external noise. Very common in music studios, offices and apartments. The wall flaps are often installed on walls and ceilings, but could also be an option to divide spaces or shared tables at work.

Acoustic wall flap solution

This may be one of the most flexible types of insulations to work with, you can order it in abstract shapes or add prints, colour and geometric elements. The customisation of acoustic panels is also a great solution for the hospitality industry, wall flaps could provide clients the ability to hear each other over dinner and drinks.

Acoustic Solutions

At Gecko Projects we have a team of project managers ready to help you with any project, including those that require acoustic insulations solutions. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Gecko team.

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