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Today we’re going to talk about design. Have you ever thought about customising your ceiling? It’s a very unique way to add a special touch to the finished space.

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen this year when out and about, is that ceilings are now getting a bit of attention as it adds an unusual focal point to your environment. There are a few ways to customise your ceiling, the most common one is using graphics, but it is also possible to paint, to use panels, acoustic materials or even fabric. We’ll provide some examples to inspire to you and your clients to customise your ceiling scape with us.

1. Acoustic ceiling

As we said on our last post about acoustic solutions, sometimes when it comes to improve the quality of your workplace/restaurant, you need to be creative. Utilise your ceiling in your favour by creating an amazing and efficient design, that also provides movement, like the one at Royal Treasure Seafood Restaurant in Burwood. It’s a very busy and loud Chinese restaurant, now not only quieter but with a lovely moving waved ceiling.

Acoustic ceiling

2. Ceiling light boxes

Hospitals also provide excellent environments to provide ceiling solutions. We have been involved installing large light boxes into heavy machinery rooms where the patient is spending most of their time looking up. Not only does it draw the attention away from the large and heavy environment it also adds some peaceful ambiance to the patient being treated.

Ceiling hospital lightboxes

Wollongong Hospital


Ceiling hospital lightboxes

Liverpool Hospital


Ceiling hospital lightboxes

Westmead Hospital

3. Ceiling graphics

A simple graphic can add a charming touch in your house/workplace. Geometric elements are always a good option to create a unique interior design, create a higher perceive ceiling, as you can see at the residence designed by Terris Lightfoot Contracting and Kelly Deck Design.

Ceiling graphics

4. Ceiling paint

Another great solution is to use your ceiling to create a completely different environment, like this circus tent posted by Design Megillah.

Ceiling paint

These are just a few examples of what is possible to do. With a little bit of creativity, you can do amazing things. Our team would love to help you brainstorm so that you can obtain the perfect result for your business/house/ project.

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